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Shefaa is a unique multidisciplinary interventional radiology center in Egypt, founded by a pioneering group of multinational leading doctors, who have extensive internationally recognized expertise in neurological, cardiological, oncological, vascular, and palliative interventional radiology care.
Our services are available in Greater Cairo parallel to establishing our second center in Upper Egypt’s strategic city of Aswan. Our goal is to extend our services to the entire Egyptian territory to provide Egyptian patients with the latest technological advancements in interventional radiology to spare millions of patients and their beloved ones the economic and emotional burdens accompanied by invasive procedures.

The current advances in the field of interventional radiology over the last decade radically challenged traditional medicine practices minimizing the need of invasive surgeries and offering patients a convenient yet efficient alternative. This leap is driven by the widespread of chronic diseases and a soaring demand for less invasive procedures.1
In Egypt, where chronic diseases dominate the top ten leading causes of death,2 an urgency to harness the power of interventional radiology arises.


We are committed to helping patients and the community we serve access the best treatment options through multidisciplinary centers and personalized care.


To create a new fair value for patients in MENA region through introducing the concept of multi-specialized, minimally invasive, standalone centers that work with the latest technologies.