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Shefaa is a unique multidisciplinary interventional radiology center in Egypt, founded by a pioneering group of multinational leading doctors, who have extensive internationally recognized expertise in neurological, cardiological, oncological, vascular, and palliative interventional radiology care.

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Quality Service

We not only depend on our team of qualified medical experts, but also on our meticulously chosen personnel that accompany our patients throughout every step of their treatment journey at Shefaa.

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Patient-centered Care

Shefaa’s procedures and policies are compliant with all national and international standards and guidelines to ensure a responsible decision-making process.
At Shefaa, we believe in continuous communication between patients and doctors to share knowledge and co-create a viable care plan.

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Multi-specialty Service

Shefaa offers a multidisplinary platform of a wide array of interventional radiology and minimally invasive procedures that include, but not limited to, cardiac, neurological, oncological, vascular, and palliative interventions.