Prof / Rafat Mahfouz

Professor of Anesthesia & pain management

Dr. Raafat Mahfouz Reyad
Ass.Prof. of Anesthesia & Pain Management, National Cancer Institute, Cairo University.
Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP), World Institute of Pain (WIP) Budapest, Hungary.

Certification and Membership
Active Member, Egyptian Pain Society.
Founder, Egyptian Foundation for Interventional Pain Management.
Instructor, Pain Fellowship of the National Cancer Institute.
Specialty Expertise and Interests
Maxillofacial Surgery, dental anesthesia.
Oncological Surgeries.
Fibro optic intubation, central line, epidural anesthesia.
Thoracic surgery.
Post-Surgical ICU, ventilation, nutrition Ozone Therapy.
Pain – Relief:
Cancer pain management :
T2 & T3
Celiac block.
Superior hypogastric.
Ganglion impar.
Rhizotornies (DORSAL, SADDLE).
Intrathecal implants.
CT/ guided percutaneouscervical cordotomy.
Chronic back pain :
Selective root block.
Facet and medial branch block.
Muscle blocks, SIJ block and denervation.
Caudal neuroplasty.
Craniofacial pain:
Botox inj. For migraine headache.
Migraine headache.
Glosso pharyngral RF.
Cervical pain
Cervical epidural
Cervical nerve root block
Facet, medial branch RF.
Thoracic pain :-
Thoracic facet
Thoracic medial branch RF.
Thoracic epidural
Thoracic DRG – RF.
Vertebroplasty, Sacroplasty and cementoplasty & Stenting Kyphoplasty.
Disc procedures :-
Thermal therapy (biaculoplasty, steroid injection – MB Injection, Ozone Injection)
Disc decompression
Trans foraminal endoscopic discectomy.
MILD (minimally invasive lumbar decompression) for spinal canal stenosis.
Moderate experience in U/S guided pain interventional techniques
Hip/Shoulder/Knee blocks, genicular nerves RF. PRP & Stem cells Therapy.