Prof / Ayman Ismail Kamel

Professor of Interventional Radiology

Dr.Ayman Ismail Amin Kamel

Consultant of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Cairo University.
Fellow of Royal College of Radiologists (FRCR).
London, UK
Certification and Membership
Active Member, World Stroke Organization (WSO).
Active Member, European Society of Radiology (ESR).
Consultant Medical Practitioner Registration, General Medical Council.
United Kingdom
Active Member, Emirates Medical Association.
Active Member, Egyptian Society of Interventional Radiology (ESIR).
Active Member, Egyptian Scientific Society (ESS)
Active Member, Egyptian Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (ESRNM).
Specialty Expertise and Interests
Diagnostic angiography techniques including: cerebral angiography; selective external and internal carotid angiography; selective subclavian and super-selective upper limb angiography; aortography selective and non-selective (arch, thoracic and abdominal); selective bronchial, intercostals, celiac, superior and inferior mesenteric angiography as well as hepatic, splenic, renal and their super-selective branch imaging; Iliac (common, external and internal), selective and super-selective (branch) catheterization of pelvic vessels and lower limb arteries; venous angiography; and pulmonary angiography.
Nuerointerventional techniques including AVM, neoplastic embolization and aneurysmal coiling.
Vascular Interventions including embolization of vascular tumors direct or transvascular e.g. angiofibromas, glomus tumors and vascular meningiomas; emergency and elective embolization of bleeding vessels; bronchial and renal in pathological traumatic and tumoral cases; and therapeutic embolization of splenic artery in hypersplenism and traumatic cases.
Hepato-biliary interventions including biliary drainage with stenting; internal or external or both; PTC; and chemo-embolization of hepatic focal lesions.
Imaging-guided CT interventions including aspirations pleural effusions, and ascites; drainage of chest abscess, and abdominal (intra or retroperitoneal) biopsy; core or fine needle biopsy and cytology in addition to bone biopsies; vertebroplasty traumatic, porotic and neoplastic; and pain management: nerve, facet and joints injection.
Venous interventions including caval filter application and venous sampling.
MRI and CT-guided techniques.